O p e n   S t u d i o  ( massage  +  yoga  therapy  + thai bodywork )
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massage  +  yoga therapy

Integrated Approach to Massage and Yoga Therapy

I work with each client to create a custom massage treatment protocol to meet his or her individual needs and goals.  Listening to you and hearing you are the first and most important of the many techniques I use as we work together.

My clients include: men, women, runners & triathletes, yoga practitioners, clients with MS, clients recovering from ankle and knee surgery, those with chronic low back pain, TMJ, and folks just looking to relax and stay stress free.

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Here are just a few of the many techniques I utilize to create the perfect massage for you.   Whether you're just looking to relax, in need of deep tissue work, or are working through an injury or chronic pain pattern
...I can help! 

Yoga – whether its adding a simple breathing exercise before you get on the massage table or showing you a yoga stretch that you can do at home to help your problem areas, Yoga can add a whole new dimension to your massage experience.

Thai Massage – Assisted yoga style stretching and rhythmic pressure point massage combine to awaken the body’s ability to heal itself by stimulating energy flow, increasing joint and muscular flexibility, and giving our minds time to relax and reset.  While full Thai Massage sessions are done in comfy loose fitting clothing on a soft floor mat, many of the moves can be easily integrated into table massage.

Reflexology and Pressure Points – I am certified in foot reflexology and continue to study the potent points of the body.  Pressure points help relieve tension and this work can be focused to address particular issues in the body.

Craniosacral – I responded immediately to this work!  The subtlety of working with the sacrum and cranial bones to affect the dural sac and nerves can produce profound effects in the entire body.  I add elements of CS technique to produce a deeply meditative state and awaken your body’s natural healing process.

Myofascial Release – The body’s connective tissue can hold patterns of tension and even the ‘memory’ of pain and trauma.  Utilizing long holds and gentle mobilization, this technique can encourage the body to release these patterns.  Perfect in combination with a Yin or Restorative yoga session.

Deep Tissue / NMT / Sports Massage – Sometimes nothing beats strong hands working to release muscular tension.  Vibration and deep friction can have amazing effects on injury and create more functional scar tissue.  As a marathon runner i understand the strain training can bring to a body and I work with many runners and tri-athletes.

The Integrated Approach -  Don’t be overwhelmed with ‘the options’.  I keep the pricing simple so that we can use what techniques are right for you.  I listen to you and your body so we can communicate openly about how we will approach your session, what techniques we will use, and any you want to avoid.  That path of communication stays open during and after the session as well.

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